Ada Tse

If you found any of the "cute critters" Easter egg on my web page, the artwork and animation was created by Ada Tse. Ada graduated with a Masters of Science in Game Design and Development in 2008. During her undergraduate years, Ada co-oped at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, University of Rochester, and Electronic Arts.

Ada enjoys playing simulation games, and the Harvest Moon series for Nintendo handhelds and The Sims 2 for the PC are among her favorites. Apart from playing video games, Ada also likes to watch TV, animes, movies, and to read mangas. She is a fan of many TV shows including Lost, ER, CSI, and the Desperate Housewives. She currently keeps track of the Naruto anime series and Detective Conan on the mangas. Ada was recently hired by Artificial Life as a game designer.

bunny by Asa Tse turtle by Asa Tse flowers by Asa Tse psp guy by Asa Tse blow fish by Asa Tse shapes to cat by Asa Tse dinosaur by Asa Tse cute girl by Asa Tse bee by Asa Tse frog by Asa Tse dog by Asa Tse mouse by Asa Tse cat by Asa Tse canvas face by Asa Tse duck face by Asa Tse