I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York on September 1, 2003. My advisor was Dr. Deborah Walters and the title of my dissertation was The integrated online seminar system: An architecture and implementation of a media-centric environment for web-based e-learning. My minor was in digital media and consisted of courses from the Department of Media Study and the Department of Music (Hiller Computer Music Studio). For more details regarding my dissertation, please see my research page.

I received my Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. My concentrations included course sequences in parallel systems and programming languages. The title of my master's project was Parallel computing libraries and servers for distributed SUN systems. The project allowed for processor and process abstractions in order to execute MIMD applications within the C programming language. My master's project supervisor was Andrew Kitchen.

I also received my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. My undergraduate minor was in Computer/Electrical Engineering Technology and my concentrations included course sequences in operating systems and networking. Some of my fondest memories of undergraduate work include the creation of an operating system from scratch for my operating system lab course, the development of routing in progress and address resolution algorithms for my networking lab course, and the implementation of an amateur radio digital voice mailbox system for my senior independent study project.

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