Completed MSIT Capstone Students (and others)

Andalora, Corey Summer 20114 (Computer Science: Masters Committee Member - Reader)
AMALGAMATE: A Board Gaming Framework Using PDAs

Asija, Jitender Winter 20072 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Multiple Files up Loader

Babu, James Summer 20114 (Human Computer Interaction: Masters Committee Member)
Video Game HUDs: Information Presentation and Spatial Immersion

Beechler, Aaron Summer 20094 (Masters Committee Advisor)
A Taxonomy Analysis of Game Interfaces

Bernhardt, Matthew Spring 20053 (Masters Committee Member)
Mouse tracking enhancements to the Molly website system

Buehler, D. Adam Winter 20082 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Web-based Integrated Development Environment

Cary, David Fall 20071 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Generational Play

Costino, Carlo Winter 20062 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Game Engine Architecture for Time-Based Media Authoring Platforms

Dolan, Joseph Fall 20111 (Masters Committee Advisor)

Fernandes, Lynette Spring 20083 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Using Technology and Games to Educate

Filler, Daniel Summer 20044 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Automated Book Publishing: An Automated Layout System for Self-Publishing

Fisher, Jayson Spring 20083 (Masters Committee Advisor)
The Viability of Recap Sequences in Games

Forsyth ,Christine Winter 20062 (Masters Committee Advisor)

Francesco, Nick Winter 20102 (Masters Committee Member)
Education in a Virtual World: Bridging the Virtual and Real

Gamin, Michael Winter 20062 (Masters Committee Member)

Gaul, Matthew Spring 20053 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Dynamic Web-Based Database-Driven Game Application

Gong, Xuili Winter 20072 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Comparing ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0: A Case Study with a Music Notes Catcher Game

Gritmon, Jennifer Summer 20054 (Masters Committee Advisor)
A Usability Study of an Online Parent/Teacher Collaborative Environment

Herrera, Jesus Winter 20072 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Generating Architectural Windows' 3D Models to Improve a Window Manufacturing Company's E-Commerce "Business to Consumer" (B2C) Interaction XSLT Transformations from XML to XHTML and xVRML

Huynh, David Winter 20102 (Computer Science: Masters Committee Member - Reader)
Cloth Simulation Using Hardware Tessellation

Jett, Ronald Fall 20101 (Masters Committee Member)
WordSocket: A Casual Web Game Developed Without Plug-ins

Kampschmidt, Matthew Fall 20091 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Paradigm: An Extensible Framework for Next Generation Information Display

Kane, Andrew Spring 20093 (Masters Committee Member)
Virtual World Interoperability of Avatar Information

Kurniawan, Benny Fall 20081 (Masters Committee Member)
Online Centralized Events Center For Rochester Institute of Technology

Lu, Louis Fall 20071 (Masters Committee Member)
Design and Implementation of a Cross Platform DirectX 3D Game Engine

Luly, Andrew Summer 20074 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Data Logging in Online Communities (supported by NSF CCLI)

Milizia, Peter Spring 20063 (Masters Committee Member)
Dynamic Reputation Manager for Multiplayer Game Environments

Nguyen, Kim Fall 20081 (Masters Committee Member)
Information Aesthetic Visualization: Exploration of the Calendar

Pandit, Aditya Spring 20073 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Extension of the Multiplayer Battleship Game

Ramirez, Luis Winter 20062 (Masters Committee Member)
Introducing the C# Programming Language into the M.U.P.P.E.T.S. Virtual Environment

Ruhland, Thomas Summer 200114 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Android to Arduino to MIDI and Back Again

Serbonich, Amy Winter 20062 (Masters Committee Member)
The Pet Shelter: Find a pet. Meet a pet. Adopt a pet.

Stanley, Cher Summer 20054 (Masters Committee Member)
Nude Descending a Staircase: An Interactive Narrative

Stanton, Craig Fall 20071 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Web 2.0 Development with Flex and ActionScript

Walter, Paul Summer 20094 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Remote Environmental Monitoring System

Wijaya, Rossiani Fall 20051 (Masters Committee Advisor)
Web-based test scoring and results delivery system for Rochester Institute of Technology

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