Phage and Collection (Technical Director) (1999-2004)

Interactive Media Group, Rochester Institute of Technology (2004)
Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo (1999-2004)
Collaboration led by Mary Flanagan


Phage and collection are digital art pieces for personal computers.  Both applications scan a user's personal computer for media content, including images, video, text, and sound.  After processing, the applications present the user with the results in the form of a dynamic, spatialized, and three-dimensional world.  The pieces are designed to model and expose the representation of the private relationship with the computer to the public.  Whereas Phage is a stand-alone art piece, Collection provides a networked performance.  Contributions as technical director included the design and implementation of the scan algorithm, the visualization algorithm, and the development of a communications protocol for media content.  Phage and Collection have been shown at a number of digital art exhibitions.  Phage has been mentioned in Newsweek Online and Collection has been exhibited as part of the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial Exhibition (March 8-May 26, 2002) exhibition as well as the Guggenheim exhibition entitled Seeing Double: Emulation in Theory and Practice (March 18-May 26, 2004).

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