Digital Humanities for Cravens World
(Research Lead at R.I.T.)

Collaboration with Peter Biehl (Chair - Department of Anthropology, University at Buffalo SUNY), Roy Roussel (Chair – Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo SUNY), Alex Reid (Department of English, University at Buffalo SUNY), Sarah Robert (School of Education, University at Buffalo SUNY), and Elizabeth Goins (College of Liberal Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology)


This is an interdisciplinary team spanning several institutions interested in the development of games and interactive simulation around concepts related to the humanistic exploration of anthropology, cultural preservation, and augmented museum experiences.  In the early planning phases, the research explores how mobile and geo-located and object proximity game experiences can enhance educational and motivational outcomes within the K-12 population.


bunny by Asa Tse turtle by Asa Tse flowers by Asa Tse psp guy by Asa Tse blow fish by Asa Tse shapes to cat by Asa Tse dinosaur by Asa Tse cute girl by Asa Tse bee by Asa Tse frog by Asa Tse dog by Asa Tse cat by Asa Tse canvas face by Asa Tse duck face by Asa Tse