Serbonich, Amy Winter 20062
The Pet Shelter: Find a Pet. Meet a Pet. Adopt a Pet.


How many people out there do you know that cannot for some reason or another own a pet, but want to? Now there is a way for them to have a pet without actually physically having one. The Pet Shelter is a fictitious website that will have a listing of all pets available for adoption in the Binghamton, NY area. People who love animals but cannot, for some reason or another, own their own animal can adopt and care for the animal of their choice virtually through the Internet by buying merchandise for them from The Pet Shelter store.

Customers will also be able to fill out an adoption form online, set up appointments to meet our pets, send flash e-cards of their favorite Pet Shelter pets, and sign up for a monthly newsletter.

The Pet Shelter website was built using MAML, Molly Active Markup Language, a XML markup language created by Ronald P. Vullo, Ph.D., which uses modules to make programming a website very easy. MAML modules are built using PHP and are called to using a MAML tag. Some popular MAML modules include; Database, Forms, and Login. The Pet Shelter uses a variety of MAML modules for functionality. Since MAML doesn't include a shopping cart module, I have programmed the catalog and shopping cart using PHP and MySQL for use in the future e-commerce MAML module, which is currently in development by Timothy J. Davis.


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