Babu, James Summer 20114
Video Game HUDs: Information Presentation and Spatial Immersion


Researchers have analyzed various aspects of the gaming experiences, but the analysis of game status information presentation and how this affects the player has not be explored.  This study aims to discover how feelings of immersion are affected by the method utilized to present information in two types of video game designs.  Avid gamers were told to play two games, with opposing presentation designs, to see how their experiences differed.  Eye tracking data was collected in order to explore how fixations differed between designs as well.  Although experiences did not significantly differ between game designs, the eye tracking data led us to believe that information processing may be affected.  Fixation duration significantly increased during non-immersive experiences, which may suggest that players spend more time attempting to understand the environment.  This may cause game designers to explore alternate methods to display status information that is easier for the player to comprehend, thus allowing them to become more immersed in their gaming experience.


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