Galactose: Pastries in Space (Cohort 2010-2012)

by: John O'Meara and David Wikman

Project Concept

Galactose: Pastries in Space is a space combat game where everything is made of food. The player commands a fleet of dessert drones against the evil forces of dinner. Gameplay takes place on two levels: drone combat and mothership view. While commanding a drone the player is placed in the heat of battle and leads their squadron to their objectives. From the view of the mothership, the player has command over the entire battle. They can see everything, go everywhere, and assign orders to the squadrons to strategically control the battle.

Individual Capstone Contributions

  • O'Meara, John - 3D Stereographic Gameplay in Galactose
  • Wikman, David - Real Time Learning in Galactose


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