Micro Missions (Cohort 2010-2012)

by: Farhan Mohamed Abd Rahman and Yana Malysheva

Project Concept

Micro Missions is both a mini-games collection and an action-adventure game. Everything you do in the game is a mini-game, but these mini-games are connected through a world and its characters and locations. Each mini-game's outcome also affects the world and the story. For example, to enter a city whose gate is closed, the player may have to traverse the city's sewers by playing a Pac-Man style mini-game. If the player runs into an enemy while inside the sewer maze, he will have to defeat him by playing a fighting mini-game. While in the sewers mini-game, the player may also happen to find a special weapon. This weapon will help the player in future fighting mini-games.

The player's actions are directed through a series of quests that are automatically generated based on the implied story goals as well as the goals of the Non-Player Characters. The quest generator chooses and populates quest archetypes, such as "The Fetch Quest", based on the current goals and the requirements and potential outcomes of the archetypes. The goals and the quest generator are dynamically affected by the world state, so the generator seeks to make quests that are appropriate for the current situation.

The goal is to create a game that is fun and varied moment-to-moment, but that also offers a qualitative sense of progression, both in terms of getting better in the game and in terms of progressing in the story.

Individual Capstone Contributions

  • Abd Rahman, Farhan - Sound Perception: Directional Microphone vs. Teleporter Microphone
  • Malysheva, Yana - Dynamic Quests: Generating Stories Based on Quest Archetypes in a Semi-abstract RPG-like Setting


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