Remote Shepherd (Cohort 2009-2011)

by: Eric Baker, Bradley Blankenship, Brian Murphy, and Daniel Wilson II

Project Concept

Gameplay focuses on missions in which the player must identify their targets from amid a crowd of people. The game provides three ways for a player to identify the target: mission dossier (narrative), character traits (visual appearance of the target), and behaviors (specific character animations). By using a profile of behavioral and personal traits, the players must distinguish between the behaviors of ordinary people and those of their quarry.

Players utilize different vantage points within each mission, which give them different points of view on a scene. A vantage point gives the player new perspectives to help solve the puzzle. Likewise, landmarks and structures within the mission help to establish orientation.

While surveying the scene, players can mark people below using outline coloring. Marking allows the player to filter between those that are innocent (blue), those that are suspicious (yellow), and those that are a target (red). In combination with the vantage point system, players can quickly scan through the scene from different points of view, while narrowing down the possible list of targets.

As the final action to either solving or failing the puzzle, players must choose to either collect incriminating evidence or kill their targets. By using a long distance camera, players can take pictures of the various criminal acts of their targets to enforce the law. Likewise, lethal force can be used to quickly dispatch a target. These choices pose a moral dilemma for the player, which feeds into the narrative progression of the game.

Individual Capstone Contributions

  • Baker, Eric - Heat Map Generation for Multi-Perspective Games
  • Blankenship, Bradley - Using OpenMP to Improve Game Engine Performance
  • Murphy, Brian - Tessellation and Level of Detail
  • Wilson II, Daniel - Fear Factors for Dynamic Crowd Simulations


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