Shmup You! Fighting Spirit (Cohort 2008-2010)

by: Michael Ey, Kelley Piering, and Joseph Pietruch

Project Concept

Shmup You! is a two-player competitive top-down shooter, also known as a shmup (short for "shoot 'em up"). In this game, one player flies a ship around the screen, dodging incoming bullets, navigating terrain obstacles, fighting to survive while shooting and destroying waves of enemy ships. The second player commands a giant multi-segmented articulated Boss robot that launches these waves, creating ever-more-challenging gauntlets and patterns of enemies in the hope of defeating the shooter. This second role is mostly unique to Shmup You!; most other shmups allow the player to play only the Shooter role, and do not offer the boss as an option.

Several times throughout a match the Shooter and Boss will confront each other directly, culminating in an all-out one-on-one battle. The Shooter, with his arsenal of powerups, will try to destroy the Boss, appendage by appendage, in order to win the match. The Boss, with his laser eyes, missile launchers, swinging arms, and rocket fist – (among many other appendages!), will try to deplete the Shooter's stock of lives. The winner may then claim his bragging rights (and the loser, his disgrace) on our community website.

Individual Capstone Contributions

  • Ey, Michael  - Real Time Global Illumination for Shmup You!
  • Piering, Kelley - Awards in Top-Down Shooters
  • Pietruch, Joseph - Flexible User Interfaces


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