Game Design and Development Lab (Summer 2008)

Information Technology Department, Rochester Institute of Technology
Collaboration with Andrew Phelps


Assisted with the design and planning for renovations to the Game Design and Development Lab. With the expansion of the Game Design and Development program and the additional need for teaching space, the Information Technology Department converted the Open Lab into the Game Design and Development Lab. The GDD Lab was designed for multiple purposes. During the day, a folding wall separates the main laboratory space into two 32-seat classroom areas. In the evening, the partition can be retracted such that the lab becomes a 64 seat facility for group work. Similar to the ET Lab, the GDD Lab is designed to use negative space in order to create work areas for team projects. Each station is state of the art, providing Alienware workstations, dual monitor setups, and an Xbox station for Xbox 360 XNA development. In addition, there is a student lounge and equipment cage. The GDD Lab also provides office and research space near the student work area. To provide a sense of community, students were primarily responsible for the decorations and personal modifications to the work space.


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