Freshman Seminar Game Design and Development
Fall 20111 Course Syllabus

The information presented in this syllabus is subject to expansion, change, or adjustment during the quarter.


Name: Christopher A. Egert
Office: Bldg. 70, Room 2139
475 - 4873
caeics (*at*) rit.edu

Office Hours:

By appointment

Course Text and Materials

Required Books
• None
Online Books
• None
Additional Materials
• Additional readings will be provided as handouts or web URLS.

Important RIT Deadlines

Last day of add/drop is Sunday, September 11, 2011. Last day to withdraw with a grade of "W" is Friday, October 28, 2011. The deadline for withdrawing from a course with a W grade is the end of the 8th week of the quarter. The withdraw process must be completed online before the deadline.

NOTE: You should NEVER drop or withdraw from this course without discussing your situation with the instructor AND the advisement office.

NOTE: IGM school policy states that a student has one quarter to challenge any grade. After that, grades cannot be challenged

Course Description

This course provides first year Game Design and Development students with an appropriate orientation for their program. Students will explore the academic, research, and industry connections within their field of choice.

Prerequisite Courses

First-year standing in Game Design and Development.

Course Organization

Weekly Meetings
Success in Freshman Seminar involves attendance and participation. Meetings are held weekly in room 13-1375. Some days will be informational, with the faculty or guest lecturers presenting material to the class. Other days will be interactive and will require active discussion, tours, and activities.

Participatory Exercises
Each week, you will be given an assignment to help you adjust to life at RIT. Some of these activities will focus upon academics, social life, career development, student services, field of study surveys, and other areas related to academic and career success.

Grading will be based upon a combination of attendance (50%) and participation (50%). You must be present and active in the classroom to succeed in this course.

The course website is located on the RIT myCourses system. You will have access to the section of the course in which you are registered. You will use myCourses to retrieve class notes, assignments, and supplemental materials.


Student relationship with game design and development culture
Historical background for the games industry
Culture of the games industry
Defining play, fun, and engagement
Surviving academic life
Procedures and processes for successful students
Resources and workflow within the university setting
Program choices and options
Research and employment opportunities
Open issues in the game industry


Any or all of the previous information is subject to change or adjustment during the quarter.

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