Multi-User Virtual Environments for Narrative Spaces (Technical Director) (1997-2000)

Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo
Collaboration led by Mary Flanagan


Designed and implemented a series of multi-user VRML environments for use in narrative art exhibitions, including The Perpetual Bed and Matsu:goddess.  For each piece, the multi-user technology had to support interactions atypical of traditional multi-user VRML worlds.  In The Perpetual Bed, users engaged in chat conversations in which the text became a persistent part of the 3D virtual world.  In Matsu:goddess, the system supported interactions in which digital "offerings" were included within the online world.  Both pieces challenged traditional notions of user interface and interactivity supported by VRML world browsers.  Both pieces where shown at numerous art exhibitions.


bunny by Asa Tse turtle by Asa Tse flowers by Asa Tse psp guy by Asa Tse blow fish by Asa Tse shapes to cat by Asa Tse dinosaur by Asa Tse cute girl by Asa Tse bee by Asa Tse frog by Asa Tse dog by Asa Tse cat by Asa Tse canvas face by Asa Tse duck face by Asa Tse