Site for Values at Play Curricula (2007-2009)

Lab for Game Design and Development, Rochester Institute of Technology
Collaboration with Stephen Jacobs, Helen Nissenbaum, and Mary Flanagan


This research involves the facilitation of curricula modification based upon the "Values at Play" work being conducted through New York University and Hunter College.  The R.I.T. portion is being conducted with Prof. Stephen Jacobs, who is responsible for the primary delivery of materials in his 4002-380 Game Design and Development I course.   From the "Values at Play" website, "Our ambition is to harness the power of video games in the service of humanistic principles. Aware of the tremendous and wide-ranging impact games have in our world, the 'Values at Play' (VAP) research project seeks to assist and encourage designers in creating games that further the understanding and appreciation of such values as equality, diversity, creativity, and many more."


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