Integrated Online Seminar System (1998-present)

Interactive Media Group, Rochester Institute of Technology (2004-present)
Knowledge Media Lab/IDEAS Center, University at Buffalo (1998-2004)


Designed and implemented a media-centric, web-based collaborative e-learning environment for my dissertation research.  The system overcomes several technical limitations inherent to traditional text-based collaborative systems when media content is the focus of communication.  At a technical level, the system provides solutions for the submission, integration, and presentation of multimedia content within the e-learning environment.  The system also provides asynchronous tools for the non-destructive editing of submitted media content as part of the collaborative process.  At a social level, the system provides flexible indicators for identity, awareness, and notification.  At a usability level, the system solves problems with session management and provides a framework for client and server-based usability data capture. 


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