Physical Environments for Narrative Spaces (Technical Director) (1997-2000)

Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo
Collaboration led by Mary Flanagan


Designed and implemented a series embedded systems solutions for narrative and performance art pieces that required physical interactions between a participant and computing devices.  Art pieces included Corporate Ladder and Career Moves.  In Corporate Ladder, the installation required use of a proximity system such that a user's location with respect to the installation controlled the presentation of the work.  In Career Moves, an embedded system controlled game play interactions between the user and the installation.


bunny by Asa Tse turtle by Asa Tse flowers by Asa Tse psp guy by Asa Tse blow fish by Asa Tse shapes to cat by Asa Tse dinosaur by Asa Tse cute girl by Asa Tse bee by Asa Tse frog by Asa Tse dog by Asa Tse cat by Asa Tse canvas face by Asa Tse duck face by Asa Tse