Multimedia-Enabled Online Assessment Environment (1999-present)

Interactive Media Group, Rochester Institute of Technology (2004-present)
Knowledge Media Lab/IDEAS Center, University at Buffalo (1999-2004)


Designed and implemented a flexible system for administering online psychological and educational assessments. The system allows researchers to generate XML-based tests, which can incorporate media content and media interactions as part of the assessment process.  The system also provides support for automating the processing and presentation of collected experimental data.  The system facilitated online experiments to determine whether web-based learning could be enhanced by matching visual and aural multimedia content to a student's perceived and measured learning style.  In addition, the system also allowed for the creation of several online interactive experiments designed to determine the effect of different user interfaces upon interactions within a 3D virtual desktop environment.  Finally, the system facilitated the administration of critical thinking and comfort level assessments.  A faculty member at UB utilized the system as a means for studying predictors for success within the introductory computer science course.


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