meme-garden (Co-Technical Director) (2006-2008)

Collaboration led by Mary Flanagan (Hunter College)
with co-technical director Junming Mei (N.Y.U.)


Meme garden is a web-based installation that explores the relationship between people, their web searches, and the various communities to which they belong.  Meme-garden uses WordNet, a database for lexical relationships between words, as the basis for interactive exploration and combination of search terms.  Involvement with this project has included the design and implementation of Adobe Flash visualization tools for the installation.  The first tool is a front-end application, which allows the user to interact with WordNet queries to form a search group visually, dependent upon lexical relationships between the searchers.  The second tool visualizes the transformation of the search group over time, as compared to interest groups and communities such as de.lici.ous, subscribed news feeds, Google, and other sources.


bunny by Asa Tse turtle by Asa Tse flowers by Asa Tse psp guy by Asa Tse blow fish by Asa Tse shapes to cat by Asa Tse dinosaur by Asa Tse cute girl by Asa Tse bee by Asa Tse frog by Asa Tse dog by Asa Tse cat by Asa Tse canvas face by Asa Tse duck face by Asa Tse