Layoff (Technical Supervisor at R.I.T.) (2007-2009)

Collaboration led by Mary Flanagan (Dartmouth)
Student Team at R.I.T.: Greg Kohl


Layoff is a casual game that examines the current financial meltdown in the United States.  The game examines the tension between the realities of big business and the personal impact the financial downturn has on individuals and families.  The game also ties the player's in game experience with the actual news and headlines that define the current state of national financial affairs.  Interest in Layoff has generated national exposure for tiltFactor and the academic programs at Dartmouth and Rochester Institute of Technology.  Media exposure has included over one million game downloads in the first week of deployment, national newspaper and online blog dissemination and analysis, as well as television exposure through NYC CBS 2.

Links Related to Effort

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