Just Press Play (2011-present)

Lab for Social Computing and Lab for Game Design and Development, R.I.T.

Collaboration led by Elizabeth Lawley and Andrew Phelps

Also with Elouise Oyzon, Stephen Jacobs, David Simkins, Christopher Casioli, and Joseph Pietruch


This project proposes an achievement system based on the ideal that the behaviors of successful students are not just measured by academic success, but is rather a culmination of social, creative, collaborative, and academic behaviors. The goal is to develop a game-based achievement system that helps our students navigate the intellectual, social, and developmental challenges of their undergraduate experience, and provides them with a clearer picture of their progress.  The first phase is the design and development of a small-scale, "proof of concept" pilot project to address the very specific needs of undergraduate students in a games-focused department at a technical university, such as the Interactive Games and Media unit at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  The process will serve as a starting point for understanding the core issues involved in creating a "game layer" to enhance the educational experience. This effort is funded through a gift from Microsoft Research Connections.

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