The Adventures of Josie True
(Technical Director/Game Engine Architect)
(1997-2000, 2005-present)

Interactive Media Group, Rochester Institute of Technology (2005-present)
Technical Team led by Christopher Egert starting Fall 2005
Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo (1997-2000)
Interdisciplinary team led by Mary Flanagan from 1997-2001


The Adventures of Josie True project is a web-based historical adventure game targeted for girls ages 9-11. The project's goal is to provide participants with fun activities designed to support the development of math and science skills.  The project also provides girls with historical role models that demonstrate important contributions to society and culture made by women.  The Josie True project was an interdisciplinary effort consisting of over 30 digital artists, illustrators, computer scientists, web developers, educators, and interface designers.  Technical director responsibilities included the initial development of the game engine architecture as well as training members of the programming team.  The Adventures of Josie True received NSF funding and has been profiled in both the Chronicle of Higher Education and the NY Times.


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