Wijaya, Rossiani Fall 20051
Web-based Test Scoring and Results Delivery System for Rochester Institute of Technology


Traditionally, instructors assess the progress of their students in the courses which they teach using scannable forms filled by pencil and a form reading machine. Sometimes, this method may result in mis-scoring, misfeeds and the misreading of data. When mistakes are made, they are resolved through instructor-student conferences which are time-consuming. The mistakes can cause delay and miscomprehension, especially at the end of quarter.

The capstone project which I am implementing intends to eliminate scoring errors, offer convenience to both instructor and student, and free up instructor's busy time schedule. Rather than using paper forms, the system will provide online test administration, automated scoring and archiving of results to gain greater confidence in the assessment of student performance.

By enhancing the gathering of test results, reducing errors and eliminating wait time for form processing; the system will benefit both faculty and students. In addition, the author will be able to utilize the open-source Molly II framework created by Rochester Institute of Technology faculty to simplify the creation processes of the web forms. Students and faculty will have fewer problems in giving and taking tests. The system will also reduce any chance of contestation between instructor and student due to faulty processing of manual forms.


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