Stanton, Craig Fall 20071
Web 2.0 Development with Flex and ActionScript


The goal of this Capstone project is to show how the use of the technologies in the RIA development process can improve the interface, performance, and the overall user experience of a Web-based application. However, a major challenge for this particular application will be using those technologies in ways that do not confuse, frustrate, or reduce the productivity of the user. What must be held paramount throughout this project is the fact that the RIA application is going to be part of a larger legacy system, and must seamlessly integrate into that system. Introducing too many new features, interface elements, or any other components that differ from those of the legacy application will result in a disjointed, less usable entity. To show the benefits of the RIA, even within a legacy system, I am planning to design and develop a Web-based application that enables the graphical display of the status of the upgrade schedule in a real-time management dashboard, which will provide the higher-level detail that is typically desired by management and resource planning personnel. The application will enable drill-down into scheduled service for additional customer information. It will provide tools to enable the administration of the application by updating a back-end system with configuration information used in the calculation of upgrade status. It will also include feedback functionality, so that in case problems are encountered by the users, feedback can be sent for assistance.

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