Ruhland, Thomas Summer 20114
Android to Arduino to MIDI and Back Again


To record and play MIDI today, individuals need some type of wired connection between their MIDI sequencer or controller and sound producing equipment. The sequencer can be a laptop, or some other portable device, such as an iPad or iPhone and the MIDI controller could be a keyboard or some other type of MIDI instrument. However, this can be cumbersome and inconvenient to use, because of physical cabling and connectivity concerns. The problem is that MIDI enthusiasts do not have a convenient, easy to use wireless interface solution for the recording and playback of MIDI data.

This project is concerned with finding a better, easier and user-friendlier method for the use and application of MIDI formatted music. By combining the power of a handheld Android device and an Arduino interface, wireless MIDI recording and playback can not only become a reality, but also fit in the palm of your hand. Exciting progress has been made to advance MIDI by utilizing today's hardware and creating applications to bring MIDI into the 21st century.


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