Pandit, Aditya Spring 20073
Extension of the Multiplayer Battleship Game


Battleship is a guessing game played by two people through a series of strategic moves (Adomaitis, 2007). Players set up ships of various sizes on a 10 x 10 grid and take turns to guess the location of other player's ships by calling out coordinates. The winner is the person who "sinks" the other player's ships before his or her ships are sunk.

The goal of my project is to design a website where casual gamers can find other users who want to play Battleship and to foster a community of Battleship players.

The site consists of two major areas. The "game play area" is where the actual game play occurs and the "community area" is where users can find other players, register and maintain a user webpage. Adding new features is a continuous process and thus, devoting the needed resources to implement them appropriately can save time and effort at a later stage.


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