Milizia, Peter Spring 20063
Dynamic Reputation Manager for Multiplayer Game Environments


The project for which this report is written details implementing a dynamic reputation system within a role-playing game. Additionally, it analyzes the processes by which people store memories and how those memories pertain to their perceptions and decisions. These processes involve not only the storing of memories, but the passing and recollection of such memories as well. This information was used to create a computer project to mimic such processes within the gaming environment. The hope was that the player would make choices that the project would remember and that would enhance and define that player's experience in the world. This leads to a unique game play experience as the computer agents would act according to the actions of the player.

A selection of similar projects are also highlighted and dissected in this report to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of certain design decisions that could have been made through the development of this project and how they affect the resulting play experience. A post-mortem of the project is also included to shed some light on the development process and the changes that could and should be made to enhance the player's experience and enjoyment. The project's implications are outlined as to how the project and concepts pertain to a wide variety of game genres and the future evolution of role-playing games, both single player and massively multiplayer online. Ultimately, the goal of this report and project is to encourage future development and experimentation in the field of reputation systems, more specifically within massively multiplayer role-playing games. Such experimentation would lead to more interesting, more in-depth, and more than likely a slew of economically successful games that are designed to appeal to a wide variety of players simultaneously.


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