Luly, Andrew Summer 20074
Data Logging in Online Communities (supported by NSF CCLI)


Social networks and online communities are increasingly becoming more popular as the Internet grows. Within each social network and online community, there is a wealth of information for administrators or researchers to gather and analyze.

It is therefore necessary to have the capability to collect all of the desired information from multiple pieces of online software and store it in a uniform, central location. This way, all of the information that one particular administrator is in charge of can be stored on one specific server. Once data is collected, there is also the need to display all of this data in a clear and concise way. The purpose of this capstone is to create a framework in PHP that can log data from multiple forum systems. To demonstrate this I chose three unique systems to use; Joomla, Moodle, and phpBB3. Each of these systems differs from the others, in that phpBB3 is a bulletin board system, Joomla is a content management application with a forum plug-in, and Moodle is an E-Learning environment.


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