Kane, Andrew Spring 20093
Virtual World Interoperability of Avatar Information


To facilitate the flow and distribution of avatar data from virtual worlds, a common protocol is required. Utilizing this standard protocol, one would be able to pull distinct attributes (i.e. eye color, hair color) pertaining to a player's avatar, in addition to partial listings of attributes or even full profiles. However, depending on a virtual world's parameters, environment, virtual locale, availability of avatar customizations, and restrictions pertaining to its specifications, some avatar information may need to undergo business logic transformations, due to restrictions and conversions, to ensure that it complies with the destined virtual world's universe of discourse, environment, and business rules.

Numerous virtual worlds allow for the detailed customization of avatar characteristics and physical attributes which results in ample user-specified data. However, other virtual worlds restrict a user's ability for customization or preferences due to its setting or environmental preference options. Under these circumstances, business logic will be required to ensure conformity with the destination virtual world; so that improper or unnecessary avatar data originating from the source virtual world is either omitted or not requested. As an example, in the virtual world ToonTown users take the form of humanoid animals, such as a mouse and a dog, and venture amongst a cartoon-like landscape oriented for young kids; comparing this to the avatar choices and battle-ridden environment of the EverQuest II, we see that conformity would be required to transfer avatars between these two games such as to assist the user in identifying a new avatar form where need be. To assist with sharing the required information that would assist with these decisions, a protocol to standardize such sharing is needed.


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