Herrera, Jesus Winter 20072

Generating Architectural Windows' 3D Models to Improve a Window Manufacturing Company's E-Commerce "Business to Consumer" (B2C) Interaction XSLT Transformations from XML to XHTML and xVRML


This project consists on an application that will address a specific case study of the e-commerce "business to consumer" (B2C) interaction technologies in an aluminum window manufacturing company. The application will retrieve and organize a customer's quotation data stored in a database. Then it will create an XML document that will be transformed, via XSLT, into an XHTML document displaying a text view of the quotation and into an xVRML document displaying a 3D model of each window specified in the quotation. The main goal of the application is to allow customers to see a preview of the windows that they want to purchase. This will help customers to have a better understanding of the products manufactured by the company, and by doing so, improve the B2C relationship.

This project includes a study of the existing database structure, design of the XML document for holding the quotation information, design of the XSLT transformation from the XML document to an XHTML document for the textual display of the quotation, and design of minimalist 3D models of some of the windows components.

This document will also denote some future work that can be done to improve both B2C and B2B (Business to Business) e-commerce interaction by inducing the use of the technologies used in this project.


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