Francesco, Nick Winter 20102
Education in a Virtual World: Bridging the Virtual and Real


This paper will describe several solutions to the problem of connecting educators and students in virtual worlds to the real world. Educators and students who want to communicate in virtual worlds must log in to those virtual worlds. They cannot easily share content with people who cannot log in to those virtual worlds for reasons of timing or availability of powerful enough hardware. This paper describes solutions to this problem that allow real world users to interact with users in virtual worlds in ways that require no special techniques that need to be learned by the in-world user. The results show that there are several ways to do this, and that these include email, phones capable of receiving text messages, and Web pages. This paper will demonstrate these potential solutions using the virtual world "Second Life" created by Linden Lab, but at a conceptual level the solutions can work to bridge virtual and real worlds in general. Several specific features of the language used to create programs in Second Life, Linden Scripting Language, that make this possible will be explained.


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