Asija, Jitender Winter 20072
Multiple Files up Loader


EasyUpload is an application that uploads multiple files and folders recursively. Currently, HTML allows users to upload files to the server through form-based upload process. In a form-based upload process, the user needs to browse and select the desired file to upload it to the server. However, the user can only select single file to upload to the server. The user needs to repeat his actions for each file he wants to upload to the server. If the user wants to maintain the same directory hierarchy on the server as on his machine, he needs to create the required folders and sub folders before uploading. The form-based upload process will require substantial user time and effort for uploading large number of files and folders to the server. EasyUpload makes the process of uploading much more comfortable and quicker to the user. EasyUpload allows users to select multiple files and folders at a single time and maintains the same directory structure with folders and sub folders on the server as on the user machine. EasyUpload is highly useful to users who frequently need to upload a large number of files and folders to the server.


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