Card Kingdom (Cohort 2010-2012)

by: Benjamin Dapkiewicz, Stephen Oyarijivbie, and Justin Schwartz

Project Concept

In Card Kingdom, the players control anthropomorphic playing cards that cut down the evil Joker cards to gain higher ratings and points, and inevitably take on the Joker himself. The gameplay is split into three distinct areas of combat: players cutting down enemies, defending capture points, and combating bosses.

The player is always outnumbered and has an arsenal of attacks to cut down the enemies: fast horizontal attacks and strong vertical attacks that gain super meter and can be combed between, an instant special that uses some of the meter, and a devastating whirlwind attack that is only usable with a full meter. The players can also dash in and out of combat to avoid damage or continue their combos. As the game progresses the player takes on more difficult waves of enemies and is challenged with various objectives such as protecting a certain area, closing portals, or surviving for a certain amount of time. The player is rewarded for their performance with coins, which, in the finished game, would be used to purchase new abilities, weapons, and other additional content.

A key feature in Card Kingdom is cooperative multiplayer. The game features two to four player co-op, where each player could use a different suit. However, in this version the players can only use the diamond suit.

To reinforce cooperative play, when a player's health reaches zero, another player can revive the fallen player, bringing them back to full health. If all players' health reach zero, they are sent to a continue screen.

Individual Capstone Contributions

  • Dapkiewicz, Benjamin - Best Technique to Communicate Fast-Paced Combat in Brawler Games
  • Oyarijivbie, Stephen - Modular Content Design
  • Schwartz, Justin - Transparency in Deferred Rendering


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