Tank Frenzy (Cohort 2007-2009)

by: Matthew Bozarth, Colin Doody, Andrew Galante, Joshua Gilpartrick, and Nicholas Korn

Project Concept

Imagine rolling onto the battlefield in your favorite tank. Friendly forces gather up and join you, ready for the attack. The enemy has been pushing forward into your territory but you are prepared to fight back. The battlefield a frozen tundra, of trees, rocks, boulders and city remains lies before you. As your friendly forces proceed to attack from the South you roll off the East and begin to weaken the enemy from the side. Using the surrounding environment to your advantage, you are able to avoid enemy fire and navigate around their forces. While the battle progresses, it is your duty to both assist your friendly forces as well as complete objectives. You will be asked to assault enemy positions, destroy major targets and even protect friendly assets.

The player controls a tank and completes missions in large, hostile environments. Each mission can consist of several offensive or defensive objectives that the player must complete in order to complete their mission. The enemy is tasked with preventing the player from completing his goals while friendly units help the player, creating a large battlefield filled with action. Friends can join in the action, opening new tactics and options when approaching enemy units. Utilize your friends to flank from the sides or give cover fire as you dive in to the middle of an enemy group.

Play focuses around the ability of the player to attack enemies and dodge incoming projectiles. Slow moving projectiles give the player the ability to dodge, use surrounding cover, and also force the player to lead their shots giving depth and requiring skill to aim well. This also opens up more interesting tactics as players will benefit from engaging in strafing runs as opposed to driving straight towards the enemy where they won't have time to turn and dodge incoming fire.

Individual Capstone Contributions

  • Bozarth, Matthew - Deferred Shading
  • Doody, Colin - A Generic User Interface System for Games
  • Galante, Andrew - Behavior Trees in Game AI
  • Gilpatrick, Joshua - Neural Networks
  • Korn, Nicholas - Multi-Threading Game AI


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