Dimension Break (Cohort 2006-2008)

by: Christopher Baker, Christopher Cascioli, Edward Huyer, and Ada Tse

Project Concept

Dimension Break pits player against player in an arcade-style, single-player racing game for the PC. Players activate offensive and passive special abilities attached to their vehicles to affect opponents during the race. Some offensive abilities require close proximity to an opponent to be effective; others disrupt opponents through obstacles left on the track for opponents to hit. Passive abilities enhance the player's vehicle through creating opportunities to gain an edge on the opponent. For example, increasing boost speed or quicker resource regeneration.

Throughout the race, the player shifts between two different dimensions of the city of Mont Kaber. One dimension gleams with glass, chrome, and steel; the other, a war-torn version filled with dirty, run-down, collapsed or destroyed buildings. The player shifts between dimensions to achieve the optimal route or to avoid impassable obstructions and the destruction of the player's vehicle. For example, a wide, clear avenue in one dimension may be choked with debris from collapsed buildings in the other, or an impassable water-filled canal may be filled with rubble. Each dimension contains opportunities to shift to the other dimension, allowing many different paths through the world.

To win the race, the player must manage shifting, boosting, and special abilities, all of which draw from common resources. Winning or losing the race depends on the player's ability to effectively balance between attacking opponents, defending against aggressive opponents, and utilizing shortcuts throughout the race. Resources regenerate over time, adding another dimension to strategy of ability usage.

The philosophy of Dimension Break lies in the balance between driving skill and tactically using vehicle abilities. While the gameplay is akin to a typical driving game, where skilled maneuvering will result in faster race times, the tactics involved in timing vehicle abilities is paramount in success or failure. Effectively using abilities, coupled with maneuvering is crucial to winning a race in Dimension Break.

Individual Capstone Contributions

  • Baker, Christopher - Layout and Asset Management Tools for Run Time Design and Testing
  • Cascioli, Christopher - Recursive Portal System for Multiple Worlds
  • Huyer, Edward - Rails Implementation for Steering, Path Following, and Special Abilities
  • Tse, Ada - Spring Physics for Hover Racing Games


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