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Stephen Jacobs

Professor, Associate Director of the MAGIC Center, and Visiting Scholar, National Center for the History of Electronic Games

GOL 2557, but I hold Office Hours in the Innovation Center as well.

Office Phone: 
(585) 475-7803


Academics: Post-Grad work: Computer Animation, RIT MA in Media Studies: New School for Social Research BA in Liberal Arts: New School for Social Research Aside from the academic titles listed above, my resume includes stints as a Museum Exhibit Designer, A Bench Tech for Crazy Eddie's Grenwich store, Sign Language Interpreter for Deaf Street Gangs and Paramount Pictures, Educational Filmmaker, and Technology Journalist. These days I teach required courses in the graduate and undergraduate Game Design and Development Degree programs and a course in Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Development I do a mix of journalistic and academic writing. Most recent journalism pieces can be found on Gamasutra as can a couple of blog posts. I'll get around to listing them soon :-)