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IGM Builds Games With the Girl Scouts

Recently IGM hosted a workshop for the Girl Scouts about game design and analysis (what are the win conditions? What are the mechanics? Who are the players?). Girls that attended the workshop were given hands on access to tools and technologies to create their own games and explore design mechanics in existing titles. During lunch they heard a presentation by Rebecca Ferraro, an instructional designer and business director of Second Avenue Software and two of the company's interns, Jessica Dommes, an RIT game design and development student from IGM and, Emily Brenner Stump an education Masters student from Nazereth College, on the different roles and career opportunities in the game industry. In the afternoon they had a a hands-on lesson in making computer games taught by IGM graduate students Marissa Gomes, Yana Malysheva and PhD student Emma Liao. At the end of the day the girls were given flash drives with their games and software to take home with them.

This is the third time that IGM has offered the workshop in conjunction with the Rochester Chapter of the Association for Women in Computing. Amy Carey of AWC was there to help with the workshop and the AWC provided lunch and the flash drives. This is the third time RIT has offered the workshop. The curriculum was developed by IGM Professor Stephen Jacobs based on the “Games for Life” Interest Project guidelines from the Girl Scouts The materials for the workshop were created by Stephen Jacobs, Jessica Bayliss, Sela Davis and Joe Pietruch of RIT. Previous sponsors of the program have included Autodesk, Inc. and Microsoft Research.