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Bachelor of Science in New Media Interactive Development

New media are ever-changing forms of digital communication that engage, immerse, and (often) entertain the users. Whereas “old media” involved newspapers, radio, and television, new media has adapted digital technology for the World Wide Web, social networks, wearable computing, and more. New Media development professionals develop and design software for these new media. A handy way to summarize "NMID" is reading it backwards: New Media Interactive Developers develop interactive media that is new.

New media interactive developers must possess deep and far-ranging skills along with a broad understanding of the social and economic impact of all cutting-edge new media technologies. They must be consummate problem-solvers, with the well-honed ability to learn emerging technologies. And finally, they must make informed, timely decisions in an arena of constant urgency and change. We seek to cultivate these qualities in all of our New Media Interactive Development students. Students can explore a multitude of creative and technical electives, including physical computing, interfaces, web, mobile, casual games, production, and more.

Please refer to the NMID program overview and our FAQs, which contains many answers to FAQs about New Media and IGM.

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