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IGM Advising

Academic Advisors

Students majoring in the undergraduate programs are assigned a professional academic advisor and a faculty advisor. Graduate students are currently advised by Professor Jessica Bayliss.

The professional academic advisors guide students though the curriculum, helping them develop their academic plan by taking into consideration program requirements, prerequisites, and course sequences, and availability. They also help students by interpreting policies, referring students to other resources on campus and discussing issues of concern regarding academic progress. Students are responsible for making their own decisions based on the information and advice their advisor offers. Frequent student-advisor contact is a proven factor in student success.

Please note: all first-year and transfer students are required to meet with their academic advisor in both the fall and spring semesters.

Scheduling Advising Appointments

The IGM Office, located GOL 2145 is open Monday-Friday, from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM. If you need to schedule an appointment with your advisor (for any reason), the most efficient way to do so is to by contact the office at 585.475.7453 or by coming to the office in person and scheduling an appointment with the front office staff. Our full time advising staff (Kathleen and Amanda) have very full schedules and emails sent directly to them asking "when can you meet?" cannot be answered in a timely manner and will result in delays.

Walk-in Hours

You may visit advising without making an appointment at the following times while classes are in session (Fall and Spring only) and during final exam periods. See above if you need to make an appointment.

Monday – Thursday: 1pm – 3pm
Friday: 10am – 12pm

IGM Academic Advisors

The advising staff in the School of Interactive Games & Media are:

Amanda Scheerbaum Undergraduate A-K & all Honors
Kathleen Schreier Undergraduate L-Z

Faculty Advisors

Students' faculty advisors answer "big picture" questions for topics, like "what should I take as my concentration if I want to work in field XYZ?" or "I really liked course X, where can I go deeper into that?" or "how can I get more coursework on topic ABC?"

Your faculty advisor is someone that understands your curriculum from the perspective of the overall content, as well as their own particular content specialty. Students can often learn a great deal by incorporating their faculty advisor into their support structure: sometimes students work with their formally assigned faculty advisor, and other times students gravitate to faculty members in their particular sub-discipline. You can find your academic advisor via the Student Information System.

Please note that in addition to the above assignments, it is fully expected and understood that students may choose to seek out other faculty with whom they have taken a class, worked on a project, or otherwise connected with both socially and academically. IGM wholly encourages and supports students working with all the IGM Faculty. Students needing advice from the faculty can and should feel free to approach IGM faculty with expertise in a given area, or with whom students feel most comfortable. Also note that students in IGM may choose to meet with the undergraduate program coordinator as the situation requires.

IGM Academic Advising Forums

For additional information on Advising and current postings of issues and events from the IGM Academic Advisors, you may want to see the Academic Advising Announcements area of the IGM Forums. Note that the link requires that you login to this website via your RIT account.

Parents of undergraduate students are encouraged to review the public forums as well as the FAQ and Resources for Parents section prepared by our advising team.

RIT Academic Resources

  • IGM Forum and FAQs
    IGM Forum
    We've answered many common questions in the FAQs you'll find in the IGM Forum. For RIT students, staff, and faculty, you can log in with your RIT DCE account to access even more information!
  • Student Resources from Institute Advising Office
    Has links to pretty much everything at RIT, including forms, policies, and more information.
  • Academic Support Center (585) 475-5832
    Home to a wide range of academic services including individual and group tutoring, YearOne, Empower, Academic Coaching, the College Restoration Program, testing services, and more.
  • Cooperative Education and Career Services (585) 475-2301 (585) 475-6905 (TTY)
    Assists students in searching for, preparing for co-ops.
  • Department of Access Services 475-6281 (475-6242 TTY)
    Provides note taking, real-time captioning, and interpreting services for students.
  • Disability Services (585) 475-7804 (V/TTY)
    Provides students and faculty/staff with disabilities equal access to programs, services and physical facilities.
  • English Language Center (585) 475-6684 (V/TTY)
    Designed to teach ESL to students who plan to attend a university in the United States and who have previously studied English. The English Language Center conducts programs throughout the year.
  • Honors Program (585) 475-4511 (V/TTY)
    A program for students who seek to challenge themselves in exemplary learning experiences such as undergraduate research projects, honors seminars, and study abroad.
  • Institute Advising Office (585) 475-7024
    Oversees major advising initiatives, including career counseling, and services for those interested in changing their major.
  • Liberal Arts Advising (585) 475-2444
    Liberal Arts Advising can help you select liberal arts courses for your degree, schedule classes, and transfer liberal arts credits to RIT.
  • Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (585) 475-2186 (585) 475-6909 (TTY)
    Assists students and their families in identifying sources of financial aid to help meet the cost of a quality education.
  • Office of the Registrar (585) 475-2821
    Coordinates registration, handles all corrections to student data, verifies enrollment and degrees and processes transcript requests.
  • Ombuds Office (585) 475-7200
    The Ombuds Office is a resource open to assist any member of the RIT community seeking assistance with conflict management and conflict resolution. “Never the wrong place to go!”
  • TRIO Student Support Services (585) 475-2833
    A federally-funded program that provides academic support to full-time matriculated undergraduate students who are first-generation, disabled, or low-income students.
  • University Studies Program (585) 475-4027
    University Studies is designed for the undergraduate student who is undecided about his or her college major.
  • Wallace Center (Library) Guide